Drinking Bong Water: Is it Safe?

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the potential health benefits of drinking bong water. The practice of using bong water as a beverage has become increasingly popular among some individuals, despite its controversial nature and the fact that it is not recommended by any medical professionals. As such, this blog post will explore the concept of drinking bong water and examine whether or not it is safe to do so.

What is Bong Water?

Bong water is simply the liquid that is used in a water pipe or “bong” to filter and cool down smoke before it is inhaled. It usually consists of plain tap water with small amounts of chemicals from herbal substances being burned (such as nicotine or tar). While some people use other liquids such as fruit juice, milk, beer, wine, or vodka to filter their smoke through, these are generally discouraged because they can lead to an unpleasant taste and smell.

Is Drinking Bong Water Safe?

There are no studies that suggest drinking bong water is safe for human consumption; however, there are some potential risks associated with the practice. For one thing, the chemicals released from herbal substances can be harmful if ingested directly into your stomach. Additionally, if you’re using dirty bong water that hasn’t been changed in a while, bacteria and other microorganisms can also make their way into your digestive system when you drink it. Lastly, there’s always the risk of ingesting debris left over from burning herbals which can lead to various health problems.

How Can I Make Bong Water Safe To Drink?

If you decide to drink bong water anyway despite its risks, then at least make sure it’s clean before doing so! Change out your bong water regularly—at least once a week—and make sure all residues have been filtered out before consuming it. If possible, try boiling your bong water first as this will kill off any potentially harmful organisms as well as remove any unwanted tastes or smells from the liquid itself. However, even after taking these precautions you should still consult your doctor before consuming any kind of bong water just to be on the safe side!

Drinking bong water may seem like an interesting trend at first glance but it’s important to remember that this practice carries significant risks with it and isn’t recommended by any medical professional today. If you choose to consume bong water anyway then make sure you take all necessary precautions beforehand such as changing out your liquid regularly and boiling it prior to consumption! Ultimately though, our advice would be to avoid drinking bong water altogether if possible—your health will thank you later!


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