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Guarding Integrity, Promoting Collaboration

Our platform, Daily Water Intake Calculator, prides itself on providing accurate, research-backed, and user-centric content on hydration and wellness. We understand that our resources can be valuable for various endeavors, from academic pursuits to commercial projects and personal websites. If you’re interested in using our content, we’re open to collaboration, but we do ask that you seek our permission first.

Why Seek Permission?

🌊 Integrity of Information: We want to ensure that our content is used accurately and retains its original meaning and context.

🌊 Intellectual Property Rights: All our content, graphics, tools, and other materials are protected under copyright laws.

🌊 Collaboration Potential: By reaching out to us, there might be opportunities for mutual collaboration or partnerships.

How to Request Permission

1. Identify Your Content of Interest: Specify the articles, tools, graphics, or any other materials you wish to use.

2. Define Purpose: Clearly state the purpose for which you intend to use the content.

3. Contact Us: Send your request detailing the above points to

4. Await Our Response: Our team will review your request, and if further information is needed, we may reach out to you. We strive to process all requests promptly, but please allow us a few business days to respond.

Usage Guidelines

For approved requests, we ask that:

🌊 Cite Us: Always attribute the content to Daily Water Intake Calculator and provide a direct link to the original content, if applicable.

🌊 Use Verbatim: Do not modify or alter the content in any way that changes its original meaning or context.

🌊 No Misrepresentation: Do not use our content in a way that suggests endorsement, partnership, or affiliation without explicit written agreement.

🌊 Update As Needed: If we update our content based on new research or findings, we request that you update your version to reflect these changes.

Questions or Special Collaborations

If you have any questions regarding this process or are interested in a more extensive collaboration, partnership, or licensing agreement, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our mission is to spread accurate knowledge on hydration, and we’re always open to opportunities that align with this goal.

Together, let’s ensure that the message of hydration and wellness reaches far and wide with integrity and authenticity.

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