Advertising Policy

At Daily Water Intake Calculator, our primary commitment is to our users and their health. While we do partner with various advertisers to maintain our platform and offer free tools and content, it’s essential for us to ensure that the advertising content aligns with our values and mission. Our Advertising Policy outlines our standards for advertising content, ensuring transparency and integrity.

General Principles

Transparency: We clearly distinguish advertising content from our website’s informational content. Any content that is sponsored or paid for will be clearly identified.

Relevance: All advertisements must be relevant to our audience. We prioritize content that aligns with health, hydration, and wellness.

Integrity: We do not endorse or promote any product or service just because it’s advertised on our platform. All our recommendations are based on research and user needs.

Acceptable Advertisements

Products and Services: Only those related to health, wellness, hydration, and complementary topics will be considered.

Content Standards: All advertising content should be respectful, honest, and devoid of any misleading claims. They must comply with all local and international regulations and laws.

Prohibited Advertisements

We strictly do not allow the following:

Misleading Claims: Any advertisement that makes health claims that are not supported by scientific evidence.

Harmful Products: Any products or services that could potentially harm our users’ health or well-being.

Offensive Content: Ads that discriminate, offend, or contain explicit content.

Review and Approval Process

All advertising content must undergo a review process by our team:

Submission: Advertisers must submit their content for review.

Assessment: Our team evaluates the content based on relevance, accuracy, and compliance with our policy.

Feedback: Advertisers will be informed of the review outcome. Content that doesn’t align with our policy will need modifications or may be declined.

User Feedback

We value our community’s insights. If you believe any advertisement contradicts our policy or find it misleading, please reach out. We’re committed to continuous improvement and rely on our users to uphold our standards.

Changes to This Policy

To remain current and uphold our commitment to transparency and user wellness, we might periodically update this Advertising Policy. We encourage advertisers and users to review it regularly.


For queries, concerns, or feedback related to our Advertising Policy, please write to us at

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